Buying Property in the USA


When economic inflection points occur, intelligent people make money. One such inflection is now occurring in the US housing market, a change reinforced by a second macro trend of public infrastructure spending. We know that the puncturing of the US housing bubble plunged Western economies into an intractable recession which now at last has taken an unmistakable turn – a turn fueled by low interest rates, abundant, cheap energy, rising employment and consumer confidence in specific regions of the United States..

Anticipating this sea change, Tandem Uehling has constructed an international investment vehicle uniquely tailored to creatively exploit this trend for Australian investors. Over the last three years Greg Uehling, principal and founder, has patiently put the pieces together, both in Australia and the US, to place strong Aussie investment dollars in select distressed US properties located in upcoming neighborhoods. Recognizing that transnational property investment is a deceptively complex process-with unexpected hazards to the impatient and inexperienced -Uehling has personally crafted a suite of interrelated services and relationships in both countries to ensure safe, profitable Australian investment.

Investment Thesis

Tandem Uehling seeks Australian investors who recognize the value of sustainable cash flow from owning rental property. At this juncture, as discussed, the US market is now poised to provide a double digit income stream when the right combination of purchase price, local economic conditions, regional development, and rental demand are identified and brought together. Accordingly, Uehling has personally researched, vetted and profitably invested in US markets with the following characteristics:

The industrial heartland These markets exhibit the most dramatic snapback from the economic malaise with the revival of the auto industry, the energy boom and manufacturing.
Employment Increasing employment is stimulating household formation and upward mobility.

Rental demand Banks are not lending. Reemployed workers who now lack the credit profile to own their homes must rent their housing instead.
Regional development Public spending at the local level for urban neighborhood development and gentrification is rising in specific markets.
Over the past three years Greg Uehling and his associates at Tandem Uehling have acted on the above criteria by visiting select neighborhoods in Cleveland OH, Pittsburgh PA and Dallas TX. They have screened and established a local network of contractors, architects, accountants and attorneys in each of these markets.

How We Work

Our turnkey service begins with legally establishing investor clients in an autonomous LLC (limited liability company) tailored to investor objectives and tax circumstances. Clients will then be presented with vetted investment options supported by our network of affiliates on the ground in each of these locales mentioned above. Each investor receives the personal, hands-on support of Greg Uehling throughout the transaction and over the course of the property development. This fee-based working relationship is devoid of potential conflicts of interest with local contractors or service professionals. The service is designed to provide the Aussie investor-owner with prescreened, appreciating US property generating high levels of net cash flow. Tandem Uehling offers a flexible, layered fee menu based on specific client needs. Fees are justified and earned because of the extensive due-diligence required to identify and establish a profitable investment structure for Aussies venturing capital in a foreign land with completely different conditions laws and taxes.

Greg Uehling is a native American who has lived and worked in Australia with dual citizenship for the past decade. He owns personal and investment properties in both countries and has satisfied investment clients he would be happy to discuss with you. Please contact Greg for an exploratory discussion if safe, profitable US property investment is on your mind.



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